About Deshe

Started as 1 person artificial grass and tree company and grew to the #1 leader in the imitation grass industry, Deshe's translation is 'Grass' (in hebrew), That means that we love what we do and we dedicating ourselves to grass. Creating new happy customers everyday that want to have fun with no worries.

Join our family by contacting us with any questions that you may have and we'll be more than happy to give you all the information that needed in-order to start your new project.

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Before & After

Just have a quick look at the before and after, we are sure that you'll see the difference.

Before & After

We want to start with showing you a small project, that's how your backyard could look like..Think about it for a sec ;)


The Solution – Artificial Pet Turf Grass over Natural Grass

Commercial Accounts

Commercial accounts are one of our main goal in order to create beautiful places.

Your family wont stop thanking you

The best, easiest, cleanest way to have a beautiful grass in your home.


Deshe's way is your best way to replace the real to artificial grass in your home, you wont "feel" a thing and the grass will be replaced.

Pet Turf

The Solution – Artificial Pet Turf Grass over Natural Grass

Your pet will love it

Pet friendly turf that any pet will like

Step By Step


Free Estimate

Free estimate and professional consultation is mandatory, we want to make sure that you'll get what you looking for and you'll learn about our extraordinary service.

Choose Your Grass

This step will allow you to view, check and feel the new grass that will be installed in your desired area, you will be able to compare and get excited :)

Pick a Date

Find the date that best fits your schedule for the installation day, we'll be in contact with you and it's flexible to change if something come up.

The Installation

The installation day, Deshe USA will send the best technicians to install your new grass as quickly as possible and in the most professional way, so you won't feel that anything is happening, except a new grass that will appear.

The Inspection

Deshe will send the regional supervisors to inspect the new grass that have been installed, we'll check every inch to make sure it looks amazing! and if not, the inspector will send back the installers to fix the problems. One thing is for sure - You'll be happy.

We're Done & You're Happy

By this time the grass is installed, Deshe's support team already reached you to make sure you are happy, and your neighbours are jealous lol, now we can talk about your payment options.

Our Clients

What our clients say about Desheusa
  • Absolutely the best company i have ever worked with, great customer service, great product and best price and payment options, i will definitely recommends to anyone i know.
    John Richmond
  • Very professional company, very accurate in their schedual, high quality products and a great finance company with low rates.
    Branda Johnson
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