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The Perfect Guide for Wooden Floor

So you have decided to re-decorate your house and to change your floor to wood type. To be honest, we don’t blame you. Wooden floor is a great choice for an elegant, trendy, and beautiful floor. However, there are many different types of wood you can choose to use as your floor, and each one has its own magic. We’ve decided to gather around a few tips to help you find the right type of wood to your floor.




If your living room is a large space, dark wood will definitely be a great option for you. The dark colors make the room feel cozy and elegant at the same time. If you like an antique kind of look, dark wood will satisfy you the most. The bad news is that dust is clearly visible on dark wood so the maintenance is pretty demanding.

Final Decision: Although dark wood clearly has its magic, we feel like it’s more like a passing trend than a new fashion.




Blonde wood is everything that the dark wood can’t provide. The light color gives the room space. Blonde wood goes perfect with light paint colors but can also blend well with dark walls sometimes, so you won’t have to adjust your furniture to the floor. Unlike the dark wood, light wood is easy to maintain and dust is barely visible on it.

Final Decision: Excellent choice for any type of house. Going with light colors will surely be the right choice for you.




In the past few years we’ve noticed how the gray colors have became main characters in fashion and design. The gray wood is a perfect example for that. It is very elegant, giving the room a sophisticated look, and on the other hand, it is very smooth and blends well with anything.

Final Decision: Gray wood will be the perfect option for someone who is not sure about the floor type. Gray is always a great choice and you will be pleased with it for many years.  

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