Flipping Furniture

Flipping Furniture

So you want an update to your living room, but don’t quite have the budget to knock out walls and rearrange the electric to feature recessed lighting instead of that abysmally outdated ceiling fan. Saving for a major home renovation can be a worthy investment, especially if you see yourself moving within the next 5-10 years. In the meantime, here are some easy ways to shake things up in your living room that won’t break the bank or intrude on your daily life like a reno will.

Makeover for the Coffee Table

If you’ve got an older, good quality wooden coffee table, the transition from “Meh, a wooden coffee table” to “Oooh, look at that striking coffee table” is easier and more within reach than you think. Pick a bold color, grab some vintage glaze, and get to work! There will be some time involved and you’ll need a few necessary supplies, but the outcome is worth it. To start you’ll need:
Plastic Drop Cloth for both sanding and painting.
Sand paper (or an electric sander if the project is big enough) with a coarser grit to cut through its finish.
Primer, Paint, and brushes
Antique Glaze, gloves, and paint rags
Finishing Coat/Sealant

Remove all handles and metal fixtures, keeping them together with their screw in a safe place. Sand away the smooth finish to prep the wood for its new coat of paint (this is the longest and worst part of the whole process because it’s messy and takes a little elbow grease. But again, worth it!) Dust off the entire piece with a damp rag to ensure you’ve got the surface completely clean of any debris (the last thing you want is sandy paint). Prime the table and let sit overnight. Paint with two coats of your color, allowing one hour between coats. After 24 hours (minimum) you’re ready for the antique glaze. Valspar’s glaze is as simple as one, two. With gloves on, dip your paint rag into the glaze and wipe onto the surface. It takes a little experimenting to get the right look and method, but it’s all a personal preference with how heavy or light the streaking is. Careful not to wipe with too much pressure or you could wind up wiping it away. Wait another 24 hours and finish with the clear sealing coat to keep the piece looking beautiful over time. Voila. When choosing a color, go bold or go home. A rich red will liven up any old space. The antique glaze will tone down the color ever so slightly, but be daring. From here you can build around the coffee table until you’re ready to knock down those walls.

Simple Finishes Make A Lasting Impression

The devil’s in the details, but so is the fun. Swapping out pillow cases on your couch, or adding a textured throw with a color and/or pattern that compliments your beautiful, like-new coffee table are as easy as rummaging through the bargain brand stores. Or you can take it to the next DIY level and search for your own fabric and make pillow cases yourself, or have them commissioned for a more professional finish. Adding a thick, fluffy rug to the area also creates texture while embellishing the room. Got a plain old lamp shade? Decoupage pages from an old book, sheet music, or that day-by-day Monet calendar your sister thought you’d love las Christmas to the cleaned shade (works best with white or beige shades). Or taking the easier route, simply swap out the shade for something new.

Until you’re ready to encounter the adventure that is home renovation, these small and simple steps will spruce up any old space and give it a nice, like-new feel.

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