We at House Therapy Construction care deeply about our customers and the impact we have on the environment. That is why we see the value in solar energy: for your home, for our planet.

There are many options available and our experts are ready to walk you through your options to start saving today!

There are many reasons to install solar in your home! The top three are: reduce emissions, increase your property value, save money on your utility bills.

Reduce Emissions

In America households produce approximately 6.8 metric tons of emissions due to electricity use every year. Solar energy on the other hand does not produce any greenhouse emissions, and as the technology is adopted more widely it will lead to a healthier planet.

Increase Property Value

Installing solar energy in your home is as much an investment, as it is a benefit to the planet. Although the upfront cost of installing solar can be a shock there are many options for helping to offset that cost, and the increase in potential home value is worth the investment. On average the return on investment is around 97%!

Save Money

Depending on your usage habits after installing solar it is possible to save a lot of money on your utility bills. There is an added bonus if your area participates in net metering, which allows you to sell excess energy back to the grid! So not only do you reduce your costs, you may even make money back!