House Therapy Construction understand the importance of energy efficiency. Retrofitting your insulation or making sure to properly insulate during a remodel or new construction can reduce the energy costs of heat or cooling between 25-40%.

When trying to maximize your energy savings insulating your roof and ceiling provides the most savings of up to 40% reduction in heating and cooling energy.

Need to know what type of insulation to use in your home? Ask one of our insulation experts!

Insulation breaks down into two main types, bulk insulation and reflective insulation:

Bulk insulation comes in batts, rolls, and boards. This is typically used in cooler climates and is usually made from glass wool, recycled paper, natural wool, or polyester.

Reflective insulation is more commonly used in hotter more sunny climates. The shinier materials help keep homes cool in the summer by reflecting heat. The reflective foil is usually laminated onto paper or plastic.

Reasons insulation is important for your project:

  • Reduce your energy bills!
  • Lower emissions!
  • Greater comfort in your house!